PHLburg Technologies, Inc.

Project Managers

PHLburg’s Project Managers offer the Scientists and Customers it works with a vast knowledge and experience in science and technology expertise and the idiosyncrasies of commercializing science originating in Russia and the Former Soviet Union. This knowledge and experience is applied to each project. Our current Project Managers include:

Alexei L. Glazov
, Ph.D. (Physics and Mathematics), Dr. Glazov is a Project Manager specializing in material sciences. Dr. Glazov graduated from St. Petersburg State University specializing in quantum mechanics. Dr. Glazov is a senior Research Professor at Ioffe Physical Technical Institute. Over the years Dr. Glazov’s research was funded by US, Russian Federation, and European Governments, Batelle, Humboldt Foundation, and other grants.

Sergey A. Nazarov, Ph.D. (Chemistry), Dr. Nazarov is a Project Manager in our St. Petersburg office since 2001. After completing his education and research at St. Petersburg State University (specializing in physical and inorganic chemistry), Nazarov was a postgraduate student in St. Petersburg State Technological Institute. Before joining PHLburg Dr. Nazarov was an editor and headed the department of new technologies of the business newspaper MOST. He also held marketing positions in privately held and quasi-governmental companies.

Sergey I. Shornikov, Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry and Thermodynamics) graduated from Physical Faculty of Leningrad State University (specialization - Nuclear Spectroscopy). Dr. Shornikov is a Project Manager specializing in physicochemical properties of materials. Prior to joining PHLburg, Dr. Shornikov was a senior researcher at Silicate Chemistry Institute (RAS). Dr. Shornikov’s received several grants for research dealing with various science fields and industrial projects.

Joseph M. Stroyman, PhD (Eng), specialist in welding and other industrial technologies. Physicist by education. Dr. Stroyman is one of the leading world specialists in welding of non-ferrous metals. He is the author of a unique monograph on cold welding of metals and the winner of the USSR State Prize for 1986. Dr. Stroyman has been working for PHLburg as Project Engineer since 2000. Prior to 2000, Dr. Stroyman was the Head of laboratory at the Russian Welding Institute (St. Petersburg).

Principal Consultant

Vladilen I. Belov, Ph.D. (Engineering), Russian Federation patent attorney (registration № 66), senior researcher, head of the Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute (St. Petersburg) patent-and licensing service, Honorary Member of the St. Petersburg Association of Patent Attorneys. Dr. Belov has over 30 years of experience in the in law specializing in Intellectual Property law. He is the author of 28 inventions and over 100 publications on various aspects of IP law. Dr. Belov has been PHLburg’s IP advisor since 1995.