PHLburg Technologies, Inc.


Neil B. Godick , President and CEO, is a businessman with more than 30 years experience, possessing a strong background in finance and marketing. Mr. Godick has been involved in business in Russia since 1991 and has been assisting inventors and scientists with commercializing their technology for over twenty years. Mr. Godick founded PHLburg to seize the opportunity of matching Russian and Former Soviet Union science and technology to western market place needs. Mr. Godick is a prolific speaker and writer on Russian science and technology.

Elena M. Olisova, Deputy Director ' Administration, Russia, in the post Soviet era Mrs. Olisova has held several managerial positions. Before joining PHLburg in 1994, she served as the deputy director - International Relations for an environmental action committee, was the general director of a private Swedish company, and the commercial director of the St. Petersburg Industrial Park. Mrs. Olisova holds the equivalent of a Masters Degree in Mathematics from Leningrad State University.