PHLburg Technologies, Inc.

Our Business Model

Initially PHLburg acquired technology for its portfolio and facilitated the delivery of that technology to the market.  The company started its acquisitions in 1991, just prior to Russia becoming a democratic republic with a free market economy.  PHLburg’s history makes it one of the oldest companies in the “technology business” in Russia .  Today, as a result of PHLburg’s success it is certainly the largest technology company in Russia .  PHLburg started out as a “technology push” company, and now PHLburg is a “market pull” company.  All of the technology PHLburg commercializes is created in Russia and the Former Soviet Union (FSU).

Our growth has enabled us to expand our operations to other parts of the Former Soviet Union.  Presently, PHLburg has operations in Russia and several countries of the Former Soviet Union (FSU) – namely, Ukraine , Uzbekistan , Moldova and Latvia PHLburg has offices/representatives in 22 major science center cities in Russia .

In time, as PHLburg gained prominence, its business model evolved and multinational companies began to retain PHLburg to assist them in achieving their technology search objectives and other technology goals.  Under a search contract, PHLburg will search for and identify Institutes, or businesses, and the inventor that will solve a customer’s specific technology goal.   This market driven pull for technology is now the focus of PHLburg’s efforts.  PHLburg protects the confidentiality of its customers.