PHLburg Technologies, Inc.


Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Soviet Government maintained a vast scientific research and development infrastructure, much of which was supported by the Soviet national security apparatus. The closed nature of the Soviet society, combined with the national security dimension of much FSU scientific work, led to a high degree of secrecy and isolation among Soviet scientists on the one hand, and between Soviet scientists and their Western counterparts on the other hand. This secrecy and isolation, in turn, resulted in unique approaches to discovery, invention, design, and systems engineering. Since 1991, many scientists in the FSU have redirected their efforts from military uses of technology to commercial applications of technology.

PHLburg’s founder recognized this unique set of circumstances and formed PHLburg to realize the opportunity. We operate using these VALUES     

Honesty and fairness – The Soviet culture and US braggadocio have created an atmosphere of distrust and skepticism between Soviet scientists and US business. In the early 1990s the atmosphere was well earned. Today with PHLburg serving as defacto guarantor we hold ourselves and the others in a transaction to the highest standards of honesty and fairness.

Creativity – We understand that we must be creative and find creative solutions for our Customers. The projects we receive are the one’s that could not be satisfied by the best minds within our Customer. We pride ourselves in finding out of the box solutions to everyday technology problems.

Quality-Timely Service – We are a service provider helping our Customers solve their technical problems and to be the first to the market with their new or enhanced product. Nothing less is acceptable to us and our Customers.

Problem solving – We believe our task is to find technology that will solve our Customer’s Problem Statement. We are results driven – that is how we determine our fees and that is how we compensate our employees.

Confidentiality – We honor the confidentiality of all those we work with. We understand that we have been trusted with our Customer’s business secrets and the scientist’s life’s work. We do not disclose names. We sanitize requests. We electronically and physically protect information.

Community – We comply with the highest legal and moral standards in countries we work in. We recognize because we are a multination organization regardless of where we are all are always a guest. We set our polices and procedures so we are a good guest.  We believe we have a higher calling to give back to the communities in which we work.  Some of the ways this is manifested is by supporting the rebirth of the Russian science community and accepting projects that facilitate world peace.